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Christian's keyboard... & keyboard's in general.

I've been watching the Range Book Processing videos by @christian. Good Stuff! I've come away from these videos with a serious case of the "i wants" for that keyboard. It never occurred me that I could keep my source material on the table between my hands as I type. Seems like that would be a game changer. Christian, if you don't mind, what kind of keyboard (brand, model #, etc) is that?

Does anyone else have keyboard recommendations; particularly keyboards that enhance note taking work?


  • These things are great! You can type with your shoulders externally rotated. I do think this is part of why I am not in constant pain even though I sit at my desk for hours and days and weeks on end (@sfast probably has all the details on human body problems in case you're interested).

    It's a classic: Kinesis Freestyle 2 (for Mac): https://kinesis-ergo.com/shop/freestyle2-for-pc-us/ -- I tried the tilting thingies, but found the inevitable lift of my forearms unnerving. I prefer when they lie flat on the table.

    If we were in a programmer's forum here, I'd recommend the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard instead: https://ultimatehackingkeyboard.com/ -- it is fully customizable, the keys are made of unicorn poop, and you can program keys to do weird stuff.

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  • Christian, thank you my friend. You just sold a keyboard. You should get a commission from Kinesis... Thanks also for those videos, I got a lot out of them.

  • Ah cool, split keyboards. Ever tried ortholinear? https://ergodox-ez.com/

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