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Using @tag instead of #tag?

The Archive is a great application. You've done terrific work.

I have one feature request, however. Could you please give users the option of using the @ sign to mark a tag, rather than the # sign? Because of the # sign, tags rendered in a markdown reader (like Marked 2) in title font. And that looks a bit odd, at least to me.

Thanks very much. And please keep up the great work on your excellent application.


  • @Tom Thanks! While we talk about your request, can you start pestering your editor developers to consider adhering to the stricter CommonMark specs that say that a space character is needed after the # to denote a heading? The rendition of The Archive is, in that regard, more accurate. But it's hard to say what accurate means when there's no true agreed-upon standard. It's just that treating #This Is a Headline as a headline is questionable at best, deduced from most Markdown-to-HTML converters I looked at out there.

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  • Thank you, Christian. I understand what you are saying. I will take your advice. In the meantime, could you recommend a markdown preview app (like Marked 2) that respects the convention of having a space character after the # to denote a heading? I can't find any (e.g., Byword, Marked 2) that follows that convention. Again, I appreciate your time on this. Tom

  • @Tom: If you use Marked 2 then you are working with a mac, right!?
    Then you can use iA Writer, Typora (which is my favorite) or the The Archive-competitor Zettlr (@Christian: sorry for this tip(s), but i'am working in the Windows world and so I had to find an alternative to The Archive ;) )
    In Typora you can choose if you want to use the strict or the loose "interpretation" of markdown.
    (And sorry for my "English for beginners").

  • Yes, I'm on a Mac. And thanks so much for your helpful recommendations.

  • @Tom: I don't understand your problem with Marked2.

    If I write this in my note

    [[201906262056]] #example
    # InghamE [FACT] What soil life plants need`

    I get this as the output from Marked2:

    Is that not what you want?

  • That is exactly what I want, Vinho. I wonder why it doesn’t work with mine. Perhaps you have selected (or deselected) something in preferences that I missed.

  • @Tom: I think I found out what it is. I'm not using the default processor in Marked 2, but a custom processor (can be defined in Preferences --> Advanced, see also here). I use Pandoc, inspired by @cdguit's setup described in this discussion.

  • This looks very cool, @Vinho. Thanks. I'll try it out.

  • Denoting tags with an @ symbol instead of an # sign is actually an older internet "tradition", at least in plain text formats. I've encountered in Palm text formats or Notational Velocity set ups, amongst others, way before Twitter even existed.

    I would vote for making tagging with an @ possible.

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