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David Epstein: "Range" - Book Processing Ep 03

imageDavid Epstein: "Range" - Book Processing Ep 03

I process new interesting topics in Chapter 2 Epstein's

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    I dropped the desaturation effect to telegraph when there's a freeze frame. Do you miss anything? I found this to be a calmer experience somehow.

    Weird links and topic this time.

    How do you deal with problems like

    1. ... quips that have to agreed-upon origin?
    2. ... when you cannot find an argument to really drive a point home, but there does seem to be an implicit connection?

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  • @ctietze this session did indeed feel less frantic. Now I'm gorking this technique of processing a book.

    1. Do you use the structure note for commentary of each related note? Is that its purpose? Do you try and keep commentary out of the notes and reserve it for the structure note? Maybe commentary isn't the right term.
    2. I know that [#flyne2016famsmart] is a citekey but I'm unfamiliar with the preceding [83]. What is this? How does pandoc render it? (timestamp 9:57)
    3. I don't understand the logic for documenting the catalog a research paper appears in along with the actual paper itself? Can you explain?

    1. I see how you question and investigate the author. This provides a helpful guide. Those in the "Resistance at creating Zettels" discussion could learn a few things here.
    2. Turn off 'Auto White Balance' might help with the color shifts. If they were elsewhere in the video, I didn't notice.

    Thank you for your efforts to educate us. A highlight of my day when a new video from you appears in my feed.

    Will Simpson
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