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[Macro] Prepend UID to note + copy UID and title above note text and format it

I am a newbie in macro scripting so please feel free to comment or enhance it. Attached are two macros which basically do the same for me:

  1. macro Prepend title with UID + copy info can be started anywhere in Archive (e.g. when editing note) (my shortcut is alt-cmd-V)
  2. macro Prepend (open) title with UID + copy info can be started only when you are in the middle of editing note title and you have not confirmed this edit yet - instead of hitting Return or tab you hit macro shortcut (CMD-Return in my case) - I prefer this second macro to first one usually due to how name my notes.

In both cases what macro does is (screenshots are from macro version 2 - starting from open title edit)

My UID differs slightly from The Archive method - I use only last two digits of the year, the rest is identical (1908131709 for today, now). If yours is different, you can change it easily in macro.


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    Hi @daneb and thanks for sharing your workflow and the macro!
    I use a very similar macro, just that I always enter the UID (with the cmd-U shortcut) and the desired title in the search bar and then trigger the macro to create a new note for me with the desired head, cursor position, etc.

  • @daneb: In case you are interested, here's the macro I use after doing what I described in the post before:

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