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Mac users, what is your preferred/recommended note-taking platform?

I'm a graduate student who is transitioning away from using OneNote on Mac and was hoping to get advice on what Mac applications are recommended for note organization.

Ideally, the app I'm looking for would be suitable for Zettel-type use cases (e.g., storing random one sentence facts that I learn through reading the news), as well as use cases related directly to my academic research (e.g., my notes on a chapter of Kant). I realize that people here generally recommend using a single Zettel to better allow for spontaneous creativity and cross-pollination, but I personally prefer to keep my in-depth academic notes separate from my more casual "snippet" type notes.

One thing that I really like about OneNote is that the notebook organization is very helpful for keeping things separated in this way, since I can have a notebook for academic notes and a notebook for my personal/casual notes. However, I am leaving OneNote because the export functions are so terrible and I need to be able to easily share notes as PDF or MS Word documents with my fellow grad students and the undergraduates that I teach. OneNote has also disappointed me with its awful syncing function.

Can anyone suggest an application that can support separate folders for notes but is also good for exporting?


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