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Trillium Notes App on Github


Saw this. Looks pretty cool. Any one try it?


  • Very cool!

  • Very interesting. The author has given an example of how he uses it: https://github.com/zadam/trilium/wiki/Patterns-of-personal-knowledge-base

    He has two interesting ideas. "Lazy hierarchy" and "cloning"
    Lazy hierarchy means he doesn't create structure before hand, but instead creates a single note for some topic and lets it grow, once it gets too big he sees how he can split it up.

    The second and the most interesting is "cloning". Notes are organized hierarchically but instead of being limited to a single parent they can have multiple, notes can be in multiple places at once.

    While organizing the notes into the hierarchy, you very quickly run into a dilemma - your note seem to belong to two places in the hierarchy equally. As an example - you want to make a note about bash - does it belong to "OS / Linux" or "Programming / Scripting languages"? This is actually a false dichotomy forced down by the limits of the basic tree hierarchy - the answer is of course it belongs to both. This is the reason why Trilium doesn't use standard tree structure (which requires every note to have exactly one parent), but an extension which allows every note to have several parents, thus effectively allowing it to appear in multiple places in the hierarchy.

    It seems like a good fit for a non-plaintext ZK.

    I wonder what @ctietze and @sfast think of this approach.

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