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Question: Why put the zettel-ID (YYYYMMDDHHMM) in the heading and not as end matter?

Both @sfast and @ctietze seem to put the zettel-ID (YYYYMMDDHHMM) in the heading of their zettels, as described here:

@sfast said:

@ctietze said:
Ok, so now I'm officially down to this Typinator snippet:

# {YYYY}{MM}{DD}{h024}{m} {^}

Which makes my notes look like this:

# 201802220853 RxSwift flatMap vs concatMap
#rxswift #concurrency

RxSwift's `flatMap` maps each of the sub-sequence's elements back to the root level sequence. But it interleaves the results.

Looks very familiar... :wink:

@Will though, while including the ID in the title of the zettel, does not include the zettel-ID in the heading, but instead puts it as part of the meta data end matter of his notes as illustrated below:

@Will said:
Yes, we all are subject to the habit of top-down thinking if we are not careful. Likely partly evolutionary, partly cultural, partly mystery. Today is 'Deep Work' for me and I'm now on a break. I'm processing for my Zettelkasten an article from the Journal of Sonic Studies about John Cage's 'Lecture on Nothing'.
Here is a screenshot of the first note. One of a type. Hope this helps.

To me the heading format @Will is using seems less distracting since the attention is just on the subject and content of the note, not on the zettel-ID or the tags, but are there downsides to this approach? Straight to the point my question is about the purpose of including the zettel-ID in the heading of the note, when the note is as searchable even if you include it as end matter?

Interested to hear your thoughts about this.

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