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Setting the mark (Like C-<SPC> in Emacs)

Is it possible to set the mark (like C- in Emacs), in order to manipulate a text excerpt, in The Archive?


  • @ctietze, is this one on your todo list as well? I suppose most people are fine with using the mouse to select a specific text area, bit once you start using C- in Emacs for this, and get used to it, you really miss it elsewhere.

  • Brief clarification for non-emacs users: that is C-<space> being referred to here.

  • I never used this in Emacs because Ctrl-Space is bound to launch Quicksilver and I'm not inclined to give up that shortcut anytime soon :) I experimented with the underlying set-mark-command. It seems this essentially replicates holding down the shift key while you move the insertion point around, right? (Of course Emacs supports many more jump-to commands to effectively select interesting parts of a document.)

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  • Yes, you are right. You just disclosed what a beginner I am to both keyboard shortcuts and Emacs ;-). Thanks anyway for taking the time to reply.

  • Do you know about the DefaultKeyBinding.dict file? It allows the user to set shortcuts that work across pretty much the entire system. Brett Terpstra has some of the best documentation about it. Xahlee mentions the "Set Mark" command, and I found this gists with an example of how to set it.

  • @alexchabot Thanks, did not know about it. Tried to create the DefaultKeyBinding.dict file since I did not have it and set it to this, but it doesn't seem to work. Maybe because I am on a Swedish keyboard.

  • I’ve never tried DefaultKeybindings.dict, so I can’t help you here. But still, I’m confident that it has nothing to do with you using a Swedish Keyboard. Maybe you need to restart? I’d reread through Brett Terpstra’s documentation again. Good luck.

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