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Performance Issues with growing Zettels

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Hey there,

I've been observing significant lags with TheArchive Editor once a single note grows to a certain size.
For the moment I'm talking about 348 lines, including mere newlines (\n). I'm surprised by this, for I expect plain-text based approaches to avoid these kinds of issues. I'd also assume that my machine is not too weak to handle 350 lines of text (e.g. 24 GB RAM).

Of course, one could argue that the Zettels are supposed to be kept concise and I might break it up in later development. But in this case and at this stage, I'm compiling a research overview simply by grouping certain areas of interest under their respective heading.

# Topic 
## Relevant passages within the main text 
## Related Concepts
## Primary literature
## secondary literature 

What might be causing the issue? Are you delegating background tasks to their respective background threads or is everything queued in the main thread?



  • @zeitlings It's an issue with the home-grown Markdown highlighter. Long consecutive blocks of text slow it down because it re-highlights consecutive blocks as a whole (because the expected Markdown highlighting changes in some cases when there's no empty newline between lines of text). It helps to insert empty newlines between blocks of texts, headings, etc. to limit the backtracking.

    It works well enough for most cases, so we have prioritized other features at the moment, but it will eventually be replaced with a better one that's already in the works.

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  • @ctietze I see, thanks for your reply! Spacing everything out seems to have sped up things a bit.

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