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Scott Page: The Model Thinker

I listened to the Farnham Street Podcast the other day (https://overcast.fm/+Ei1CCZm8Q) and the book they were talking about sounded interesting:

Scott Page: The Model Thinker: What You Need to Know to Make Data Work for You, 2018

They talk about different kinds of thinking tools, like when to apply normal distribution, or how to spot complex systems with feedback loops. The last one was particularly interesting. As long as the model someone made doesn't include feedback loops, it will practically be a linear model. That's a nifty heuristic for ... well ... whenever you talk with someone about complex system modelling. Which makes me wonder what you'd do with all this in the end :)

Does anybody here know the book? Can you recommend it? What was it useful for?

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  • There is also a free Coursea online course by the same author that covers his book. It is free if you don’t want the certificate. Also from Farnham Sean Parrish has an audible book covering mental models. The hard copy and kindle version of his book will be out September -October . You can pre-order.

    The mental model area ties in to my research in critical thinking.

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