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Emacs hyperbole & Org-wiki

I haven't seen this mentioned and since several people here are experimenting with Emacs for ZK I figured it might be of interest. I am still a emacs noob and don't have time to investigate in detail so I will just leave this here:

It seems to be compatible with org-mode, might be useful combination to get around org's shortcomings for ZK.

As for the second one: https://github.com/caiorss/org-wiki

Doesn't seem to be maintained anymore though. Curious if anybody looked at it and what they think.


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    I'm also an Emacs user, and I've tried to grok hyperbole so many times without success. The button system never seems to... work? At least, not the way it's described in the documentation.

    I think the main problem is hyperbole is like five different utility packages jammed together into one big... thing: the outliner, the contact manager, the window manager, the button system, and a few random shortcuts for internet and data searching.

    Has anyone other than the package maintainer ever worked hyperbole into their workflow? It doesn't seem so. There are no tutorials outside the one in the package itself. There are no videos demoing what people do with hyperbole. It's like the 2001 monolith to me.


    I'm using Deft and Zetteldeft as a solution currently. Deft has slowness issues, though, when you get to a large number of files, which is a bummer.

  • I'm currently experimenting with Hyperbole. I agree with @pinkhurricanegown that it's actually about five packages crammed into one and yeah it's very 2001 Monolith, in a number of ways; it's a giant thing that makes no sense but if you touch it maybe you'll reach the next stage of evolution?

    Short form of my findings as re: Zettelkasten: I don't think it's useful in making links between zetteln in in a way that is compatible with The Archive (or anything else) because its button syntax is very specific. I keep it for its window management tools and a few other cool things, but I don't think in terms of ZK it is particularly more helpful than Deft and Zetteldeft.

    I messed with org-wiki a while back and gave up, I believe because it made the assumption that files had to be named *.wiki. That may have been wrong, and/or with additional knowledge gained since there may be ways around it. I'll probably try it out again and see what it does.

  • From emacswiki:

    Hyperbole’s Koutliner is unique; every node/paragraph has a unique id and settable attributes plus a relative id that is auto-updated as you move trees around the outline, so you know that node 2b4 is a child of 2b and is the next sibling of the 2b3 node.

    Sounds like Luhmann's Folgezettel-numbering :)

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