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Some larger notes causing beachball

Some notes, whenever I click on them, cause The Archive to beachball for a long long time (sometimes up to a minute) and become unresponsive. The example I've just found is a 197k file that was a markdown capture of a wikipedia article, but I know I've had similar things happen with other documents. The file renders fine in Rene's Sublimeless, Typora, etc.


  • I had a similar issue: https://forum.zettelkasten.de/discussion/333/slow-with-imported-dayone-long-note#latest

    ctietze replied:

    Yeah, too long or too complex files are pretty slow at the moment. I am working on a better Markdown highlighter that should handle these things in a breeze.

  • Ah! ok. I will assume this is in-progress then. Thanks!

  • Yes, it is :) Faster Markdown parsing is hard. Cannot promise any timeline, but am working on it.

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  • +1 on this problem: it's really annoying.

    • could you give an update on your progress?
    • is there any way to pauze the markdown parsing while working with these big files?
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    @sjhogerzeil Sure! I'm experimenting with Markdown parser improvements on the side and ship them with 1.x updates, but the issue you describe could persist until I give the parser my full attention. I work on the features on the roadmap in their respective order. The parser currently is 4th in line:

    • Scriptability
    • Tag Index
    • Mass Text Replacement
    • Full MultiMarkdown Support


    There's no way to disable Markdown highlighting at the moment.

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  • Just wondering if there are any updates on this?

  • The new editor is nearing completion, but due to COVID, things went far slower than anticipated with the guy who's working on the component.

    You can toggle Markdown highlighting now, though:

    • open thearchive://preference/isHighlightingMarkdown/set/false toggles off
    • open thearchive://preference/isHighlightingMarkdown/set/true toggles on

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