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ZK won't open on Mac anymore :´(

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Yesterday it still worked. Today I wanted to switch to another ZK file, after which the app stopped working. After trying to open it, it will quickly open a small window and then disappear. It's still on the dock. I've also noticed that despite saving my ZK every day, the ZK files appear to have been last modified months ago (but I obviously can't open to check). Anyway, somebody know how I can get it back running? I haven't made any updates or other changes. I've also tried to download the app again and restart my mac. Any help would be greatly appreciated <3


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    The Archive automatically saves files when you edit them. How come you can't open the files to check? The Archive stores plain text files that you may be able to look at with QuickLook (hit spacebar from the Finder) or open with TextEdit.

    Or are you talking about Zkn? http://zettelkasten.danielluedecke.de/en/ Then please get in touch with Daniel on his site :)

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