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Recommended Zettelkasten Method programs for Windows?

Hey Zettel Aficionados,

I recently discovered this unique method of storing knowledge for us 'collectors' and have been fascinated by it. I've been using Evernote for years now with over 20,000 notes only to realize the creative and linear limitations of solely relying on tags and categories/notebooks to classify them.

Christian has been kind enough to recommend a few different approaches and software that would be scalable and avoid becoming 'locked in' by the software, so far my favorites are:

Notepad++ (due to it's indexation and search functionalities for such a big note collection).
QOwnNotes (so far one of my favorite options)
Zim (a desktop based wiki system)
DokuWiki (a self-hosted database free web server wiki)

My main two concerns and points of criteria are 1) Scalability (no lag, ease of search even with enormous Zettelkastens) and 2) Avoid obsoletion due to software (usually by 'lock in' due to complex meta data heavy apps that cannot be easily migrated from).

I'd like to hear of other approaches Windows users have implemented.

Thank you.


  • It's long ago that I used windows. But as far as I remember notpad++ was the best solution.

    But every software you mentioned is based on plain text. So no lock in problems there.

    It depends on your own workflow which software is tolerable. I can work with every editor. But nvALT was the best fit to my style. Sublime Text can work too, but I didn't test it for bigger archives.

    I am a Zettler

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