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The Archive on IPad Pro.

I just recently read a book on this method and I was wondering if there is a way of accessing The Archive on my IPad Pro.

I also bought the SlipBox App, is that possible to organize my notes using numbers? I’m quite confuse, I believe that I can just organize them by keyword, am I right?


  • The bad news is that the SlipBox apps are most likely not going to maintained any longer. The developer stayed quiet around the web for years.

    The good news is that 1Writer is an excellent note-taking app for iOS that you could have a look at.

    As for "organizing" notes, Sascha and I recommend working with IDs to create links between notes. That's tedious to do manually, so you'll be better off with a few scripts to help you with that; for taking notes, I end up using Drafts instead and save the draft with a generated ID and some header info to my archive in my Dropbox , where 1Writer can see it immediately.

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  • Oh, I really appreciated this info!

    Thanks, I’ll work it out!

  • What’s the main reason for you to use “Drafts App” to take notes and create an ID rather than creating the notes straight into 1Writer?

  • Because with Drafts I have very comfortable automation tools. I use these as a capturing device.

    Take for example this text:

    First line of the draft
    All the rest of the note ...

    Executing a Draft "action" on this snipped will result in 201808270932 First line of the draft.txt being created in my ~/Dropbox/Archive folder with this content:

    # 201808270932 First line of the draft
    All the rest of the note ...

    1Writer's scripts are great, too, but they're not that useful to capture things. I rather use them to reformat blocks of text and similar things.

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  • Is this action under your name or where to find it in the drafts action list? Thanks

  • Look no further, here it is: http://drafts4-actions.agiletortoise.com/a/2Ph

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    Look no further, here it is: http://drafts4-actions.agiletortoise.com/a/2Ph

    This is handy, thanks!

    One thing I noticed is that the folder in the action is /Archiv/ which threw me off as I was expecting /Archive/. I wondered where my notes were going :)

  • The first version of my comment suggested that /Archiv/ was a typo but then I remembered that not everyone uses English for everything. Whoops, sorry!

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    Maybe now that iA Writer supports hashtags, it's a suitable companion, too!

    Haven't tested it with 10k notes, though.

    Edit 2018-09-24: It seems the app isn't made to manage a folder in your Dropbox. You can import files from Dropbox, but you cannot open a directory in the app and then work with your notes from there. That's sad, because it looks alright otherwise. So it's still 1Writer.

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