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Updating Zetels to a consistent format and printing.

Hi everyone,

  1. Can Zettels be printed onto paper without programming or maestro? I record notes digitally and want to keep them in an A5 spiral binder for reference. I use both The Archive and ia Writer to make Zettels.

  2. an I automatically update the format of all my Zettels so they're consistent? I've tried different templates and would like to remove the YAML formatting instead of a simplified design and one that doesn't hide tags and ID numbers when printed.

My current workflow involves using Zettels to take notes as I learn more about ADHD. Some of these Zettels contain strategies for coping with ADHD and include links to other Zettels that provide additional context and research.

I want to carry these notes in an A5 binder so that they are available when needed. Many of the programming solutions are over my head, but there could be an easy way to update Zettels to the same format and print them. I know iA Writer has an export template function, but I'm no coder. :)

Thanks for any advice you can provide!


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