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Forum outage fixed (as you can see since you're able to access this post)

Sorry for the outage without prior notice, and thank you for caring and sending emails with a 'heads up'!

The servers were upgraded and some trivial maintenance needed to be done (bump the PHP version by +0.1). At least it would've been trivial if there had been any advance notification :) While my mood is soured a bit by the experience, nothing was lost, merely inaccessible for a while, so that's good news.

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  • Thanks for all the effort you obviously put into keeping this magical place available.

  • Thanks

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    Thanks for restoring the site. I went through cold turkey over the weekend. I shook violently, hallucinated filing cabinets morphing into ideal communication partners, broke out in a cold sweat, and coughed up hairballs. But other than that, it was OK.

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  • This place is an oasis because the participants here, better scholars all than I, care about knowledge craftsmanship. It's a fine thing to study and synthesize new ideas. The best path to that is properly curated information.

    And what do you get out there in the rest of the Internet? Joe Rogan gushing because Terrence Howard "discovered" one times one is two?

    Thank you all for the chance to lurk and learn.

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    Maybe not so visible to you @ctietze but for those of us that merely "lurk", your effort to restore the forum is also very much appreciated!

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  • Thanks to all of you :)

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