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The Knowledge package for LaTeX

In case no one else mentioned the $(\LaTeX)$ Knowledge package by Thomas Colcombet, I post it here. The package generates hyperlinks to definitions of terms defined in PDF documents. From the description:

As readers and reviewers, we have all been irritated, be it a bit or a lot, by not being able to find easily a key definition that was given sometimes hundred pages before (in a PhD thesis for instance). Using the knowledge package, every use of a concept becomes one click away from its definition (in the electronic version of the document), and an index with all its occurrences can be easily maintained (for the printed version of the document). The longer is the document, the more it improves the reader's experience, but it already helps in conference papers.

A draft book written with the knowledge package is My First Category Theory Textbook by Ralph Sarkis.

Zettelkasten.de forum members might find the package particularly helpful for $(\LaTeX)$ mathematics documents, but mathematics isn't the only application.

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