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How do you get the symbols in the sidebar?

This discussion was created from comments split from: How do you link/navigate your notes?.


  • @Will Oh dear, this is n00by; what are all those symbols in the sidebar and how did you get them there? All I see in mine is the archive symbol and then another sidebar with the notes.

  • @DataDisk I extracted your question from the other discussion so it can stay on-topic more easily.

    You can edit these in The Archive via the "Saved Searches" settings pane (in the top menu: The Archive → Settings...):

    It's possible to use your own graphics.

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  • Aha! I see.
    Thanks for helping out😃

  • @DataDisk, somehow I missed your question.
    Here is a view of my saved search preferences.

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    You guys are so welcoming - thanks a lot!

    Btw: kestrelcreek.com has a really sweet piece called The Round Bed of Dreams. I liked it very much.

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