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Jolting frame when typing text past the point of 1 page long and issues with displaying Cyrillic "и"


I have started using The Archive about a couple of days ago in order to centralise my note taking - as I discovered that I've been jumping between the Simplenote and Apple Notes for a while now. Was using NValt some time ago, but it's become grossly outdated and unstable.

I love the idea behind The Archive and its implementation is both visually and conceptually appealing. However, I've discovered a couple of issues with it:

  1. The most annoying one is when I get past one page of writing text in a note - in a particularly long paragraph, the frame starts jolting every time I press "Space" - scrolling quickly down and up, until I start a new paragraph, and then this behaviour disappears. It might be that this problem has already been reported, but I could not find it in the forum - perhaps I was using wrong keywords.
  2. Another issue is with the displaying of the Cyrillic letter "и" (which roughly corresponds to the Latin "i" as in the word "Tim") - for some reason, occasionally it starts to be displayed with a different background to the rest of the text - as if there was a rectangle behind it. I didn't have enough play with different fonts and themes (using PrettyFunctional with Dark mode and the UbuntuMono-Regular 20.0 pt. at the moment)

I hope someone can advise me on how to overcome the above issues, thank you!


  • Thanks for bringing these up, @romanr!

    The Cyrillic letter thing is new. If you have the time, please send a screenshot once this happens. In the Help menu you'll find a shortcut to email me.

    I've had reports on the jolting frame issue but could never reproduce it -- until today, thank you! The key was to have a paragraph that is longer than the available space of the text area. (That never happens in my notes, so that's why I didn't run into this :))

    This week I plan to finish typesetting the book so I can look at these issues next week.

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  • Hi Christian!

    Thank you for responding so quickly and confirming that you could reproduce the issue with the jolting frame!
    I should have made the screenshots of the second issue, but didn't do it. Now I cannot get this effect any more :sweat_smile: But when and if it comes back, I will surely do!

  • @romanr Great, thanks for showing such vigilance! If the visual issue only rarely appears, maybe something 'breaks' internally that is logged by The Archive, so please use the "Send Log Files" function from the Help menu in that case and attach the log for that day

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  • @ctietze Hi Christian! I was wondering if you had time to look at that "jolting frame issue" when a long paragraph is being typed in?
    Also, wanted to provide an update on the second one: I think I figured this one out - it's when there is some text (or an accidental letter, like in my previous case) in the Omnibar and then it gets highlighted (although the highlighting disappears occasionally)

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