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Hello! I'm Binny, from India/Portugal

Hey everyone! I'm Binny, originally from India but currently living in Lisbon. I'm a Software Engineer(web dev, full stack) by profession.

I discovered Zettelkasten in 2020 when I started working on a rather large personal project called MindOS. I was trying to create content in the intersection of philosophy, psychology, programming and rationality. During the research phase, I understood that it was going to be impossible to keep all of this in my mind - even with the note taking method that I used at that stage. I needed a better system.

This search led me to Zettelkasten, and I immediately fell in love with it! Since then I have actively trying to encourage others to use it as well. To do this, I have written tutorials, videos, created a couple of tools, etc. But my biggest and most resent contribution is a book I wrote and published a few months back: Zettelkasten and the Art of Knowledge Management.

My Zettelkasten Process...

I have 2 vaults. Everything I learn that is useful for others go into Obsidian - and I publish it as a Digital Garden at https://notes.binnyva.com

All my personal information goes into a Logseq graph. This includes...

  • Journals
  • Project Management
  • Fleeting notes
  • and the kitchen sink ;-)


  • Hi, welcome to the forum! I'm impressed you can handle having two archives for information related to a Zettelkasten (if I understood correctly). I'm not able to manage that. I use Bear for Notes related to my day to day life which aren't strictly knowledge like taxes, things about my car like the gas it uses, types of tires when I need to replace them, and things that I will never need to process; it's just reference information where I can also add receipts or track something.

    The Archive however stores anything that I have already processed, from medicine (veterinarian) to phylosophy, podcasts, blog posts, YouTube content, etc. This is where I actually feel I grow as a person. Most of the content here also comes from my BuJo because I journal daily and then I think about many entries during my weekly and monthly ritual. Also in my BuJo I add notes (-) from a podcast I was reading while walking or an insight I got from some content I read or saw in Youtube.

    Almost mandatory reading in the forum is: Barbell Method of Reading

  • @binnyva Welcome to the forum and thanks for the reference!

  • Welcome @binnyva ! :-)

    “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” —Isaac Newton

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