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Forum upgrade today 6pm

Today evening I'll update the forum software. I'm aiming for this time in your timezone: https://time.is/1800_21_jan_2024_in_bielefeld :)

So quickly post your reviews and troll comments before the forum goes into maintenance mode for an hour or so!

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  • I will wait until after the upgrade to describe how my Zettelkasten has morphed into an autopoietic system as if it were composed of dark matter impervious to market and ideological forces, which interact with it, not at all, no binary digit of which can be commercialized or commodified, and for which optimization is meaningless. :trollface:

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  • @ctietze, can you upgrade my computer for me at the same time? Here's my Apple Remote Desktop password: :trollface:

  • Phew, seems to have worked somewhat! :) Will tweak some visual problems later, but it's functioning again at the very least.

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  • edited January 21

    @ctietze What changes did you make, Christian? Are they visible or mostly under the hood? (Outside of the "Post" button, that is :wink: )

  • @GeoEng51 Some default forum styles are different (like the post button and emoji) and the theme will have to reflect this better in the future.

    The new forum version also comes with 'reaction' links. There's a lot, and we have to discuss this, but for now you'll notice the tiny "Like" below the text maybe.

    There are even more updates to do in the future, but they aren't compatible, and these bring changes under the hood that would allow us to e.g. automatically start discussions for blog posts in the forum with the full text, not just a short intro + picture.

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  • @ctietze Looks good. The emoji icons work the same when viewed on the desktop, though the icons have been inflated somewhat on mobile phones. Maybe the :trollface: emoji could remain inflated, but the others normalized. The like button is nice. I would like a conservative "like" feature, in which liking something here would "unlike" something on Instagram or Facebook.

    GitHub. Erdős #2. CC BY-SA 4.0. Problems worthy of attack / prove their worth by hitting back. -- Piet Hein.

  • We've decided to disable the post reaction links for now.

    • While a "Like" button would be useful to show some positive feedback without littering discussions with "I agree/like this/..." posts, we never had problems with posts of that kind.
    • Meanwhile, "Like" button can discourage replying in full. But we want more discussions, not fewer :)

    So until the upsides outweigh the downsides, we'll keep post reactions disabled.

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