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Has anyone given this note-taking app a try? This seems like a suitable candidate for using the zettelkasten method.


  • Does look pretty cool.

    1) Can you always insert a new card anywhere? Would I be able to insert a card (line) between 2.3 and 2.3.1 for example?
    2) Needs to be able retain ID Number-concept permanence. I assume this is achieved by updating any hypertext links automatically if they change outline position. I would not be able to free type "see 2.3.1" in plain text- if numbers change- this reference would break. All links would have to be hyperlinks.

  • It seems I rushed to advertise this app too soon. The program is intriguing in concept, but, so far, it is challenging to use. At least on my Mac, the hotkeys don't work correctly, and launching the program via the terminal is not very intuitive. Perhaps, under Linux, the program works better...

  • Hi,
    It's an old dream of seeing the old ECCO outliner back alive but it stayed on sleep many years. Right now, on Windows, you can only link between document, not between"nodes" of the outline you are working with (or I did'nt find how to make it happen and, honestly, I don't have so much time to give to it, it has to be intuitive). I don't know for Linux. Some keybords shortcuts don't work for me neither.

    It stores everything in a database (some twerk of SQLite) and you can't even work with medias - while it is one of the biggest plus of working with computers.

    Interesting however : you can give personal UUID to every single node if you want to.

    If I wanted an outliner, I would work with Sublime Text, Outline.md for exemple, and made my outline with list, indents titles, and selection :

    Title outline 
    * ## 240325094917 Zis is ze zettle way
      * Oh no this is a zettle in an outline 
      * This zettle is not quite deep 
      * But has a lot to say
      * [[Zi is a manual link because it is 100% textual and no software is doing it for me OMG I have a brain, what a wonderful discovery but tiring to use it for some under task that a CPU could handle better than me| 240325094948 Zis is zettle way too/two]] 
    * ## 240325094948 Zis is zettle way too/two
      * Oh no this is an other zettle in an outline  
      * This is an other point of the same Zettle 
         * An other sub sub point 

    I've never found anything valuable in outliners software to work with while outlines themselves can be very convenient to deploy thinking in some cases. For examples, Workflowy and Roam are online only, owner-formated on a distant server, pay-to-use economic model.

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