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Has anyone given this note-taking app a try? This seems like a suitable candidate for using the zettelkasten method.


  • Does look pretty cool.

    1) Can you always insert a new card anywhere? Would I be able to insert a card (line) between 2.3 and 2.3.1 for example?
    2) Needs to be able retain ID Number-concept permanence. I assume this is achieved by updating any hypertext links automatically if they change outline position. I would not be able to free type "see 2.3.1" in plain text- if numbers change- this reference would break. All links would have to be hyperlinks.

  • It seems I rushed to advertise this app too soon. The program is intriguing in concept, but, so far, it is challenging to use. At least on my Mac, the hotkeys don't work correctly, and launching the program via the terminal is not very intuitive. Perhaps, under Linux, the program works better...

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