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Confused on how to start my Antinet Zettelkasten for school and hobbies

Hello everyone :)

I recently discovered the Zettelkasten method and was instantly intrigued. Currently I am in school studying Software Development and have always wanted to learn Game Development on top of that.

I've been looking for how to notes from schooling and game development and turn it into a Zettelkasten to help me along my journey but can't find a lot of resources on it and the few I do, it doesn't make sense to me.

Any help is much appreciated!


  • The term "Antinet" was invented by Scott Scheper as a brand name for his approach to keeping a paper card file. You can view Scheper's online tutorials that explain his "Antinet" approach if that is what interests you.

    If you want to keep a paper card file, I would use the word "paper" or "analog" instead of "Antinet", because when you use the latter term people like me will tend to think you are referring to Scheper's brand.

    Here on this website you can read the Introduction to the Zettelkasten Method, where the how-to instructions begin in the second section, A Zettelkasten Is a Personal Tool for Thinking and Writing. This introduction is more oriented toward a keeping a Zettelkasten in a computer, not on paper cards, but much of it is relevant to both computer and paper.

    Earlier this year, a PhD student named Morgan (one of whose YouTube videos on note-taking has over 1.2 million views, and she says that the aforementioned introduction and this website in general is her favorite resource on Zettelkasten) posted a paper card-file tutorial on YouTube that is about as clear and simple as could be. Perhaps you should first read the aforementioned introduction and watch Morgan's video? Then you could ask more specific questions about whatever still doesn't make sense to you.

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