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Share with us what is happening in your ZK this week. October 29, 2023

Swimming with Ideas

Another installment of the What Are You Working On? thread. Add to this thread by telling us what is happening in and around your ZK journey. Join the community and enlighten us about your knowledge path trajectory. I do this for selfish reasons. It helps me clarify my goals and visualize my thinking. And sometimes, a conversation sparks an idea worth exploring.

Ideas I'm exploring with my ZK:

  • I discovered that sociologists who study leisure classify me as a Literary Leisure Hobbyist. I had no idea. My PKM work feeds that part of my persona.
  • Rucking as an old man
  • How my Blind-side Bias develops and the effect it has on me.
  • If you do what so few people do, what you do can have superlinear performance returns.

Things I'm reading:

  • Calvino, Italo. Invisible Cities. 2013.
  • Attia, Peter and Gifford, Bill. Outlive: the science & art of longevity. 2023.

Music I'm listening to:


The "My rolling ten-day zettel production" is produced by a script for attachment to my daily journaling template. I do my journaling in Bear to keep personal journaling separate from my knowledge work.

Let me know if you would like to discuss any of these notes.

My ten day zettelproduction.

Will Simpson
I must keep doing my best even though I'm a failure. My peak cognition is behind me. One day soon I will read my last book, write my last note, eat my last meal, and kiss my sweetie for the last time.


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    I am slowly fixing the YAML header and Markdown in my Zettels after a "Zettel format upgrade," which occurred after a contentious meeting with myself on Zettlr+Obsidian compatibility. I don't care for Obsidian, except for one or two plugins and possibly the link graph.

    I am still working on the project from last week. This could take years.

    On several occasions, I've turned to my ZK in confusion over what to do next. Today was one of those occasions. Nihilism cannot sustain a project, much less restore an affective attachment to life. Neither is wilfing through the Internet--unless it ends with ChatGPT4 creating a study curriculum for your project.

    It's at moments like these when I turn to my keystone Zettel.

    title: Why.0.23.0425 Why create a Zettelkasten?
    reference-section-title: References

    Why.0.23.0425 Why create a Zettelkasten?

    [[ZKM.]] Shipping containers and hubs
    [[0000.0000.00YZ]] Y-Z

    #zettelkasten-method #keystone-zettel

    My answer is that I want the ZK to support certain research projects. It should support the development of a predictive framework for answering the questions in Carl Wieman's How to become a successful physicist that must be addressed for such projects to be successful.

    We found that all the experts optimized their disciplinary knowledge for making decisions. We describe that knowledge-organization structure as a “predictive framework.” [Edited by Grammarly.]

    I'm assuming the obvious: that research activities require decision-making and that "... knowledge-free problem-solving is a meaningless concept." I cannot think of a better process for my purposes than that of How to become a successful physicist.

    You don't need a Nobel Laureate to state the obvious, but it can help to have their endorsement. The process is not obvious in this case, and you need the Nobel Laureate to state it.

    For some projects, a subset of the 29 sets of questions in Wieman will do.

    Incidentally, I'm reading a page-turner: MILLER, KENNETH. Mapping the darkness: The visionary scientists who unlocked The mysteries of sleep. ONEWORLD PUBLICATIONS, 2023.

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