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How has your ZK (and using what software) helped you grow your thinking in unexpected ways?

Can you give specific examples? Always curious about this.


  • About thinking:
    I re-see great ideas and I'm also "forced" to think in paper which I think help crystallize my thinking

    About Mood and personality:


    I'm more aware of "myself" in the past. I know what I used to like, what I like now. What ideas I had. What kind of mood I had etc.


    If you don't know how to control your links properly you'll have trouble keeping a single mood.

  • A partial answer to your question is here.

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  • Today after I finish my prototype to build an embedded model for my ZK, I just came up with an idea that I have a, I write a script to count the number of my notes I write every day, but I just can't figure out the exact keyword to search that one. So instead of using that exactly match with title, I just, you know, input some random thoughts. Essentially, those are still the keywords, but the amazing thing happened is that the search result is way much better than just using the title match results.

    Just part of the reason is for magic of this ZK thing is that you can more focus on with the content at your hand. So you're not worried about how this part of piece of information is going to be used in the future. As long as the whole thing is a package, they're strongly connected to one certain things. Even though it may not solve your problem at your hand, it might help you in the future. Once I rediscovered the old thoughts I have, now I have a new idea to start a new project to improve that content system. Also, I definitely will apply the psychology information I learned the... (That's probably two years ago) the information. So I can probably. build have better tools to improve myself.

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