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Marked 2 Streaming Preview Crash with macOS Sonoma

Greetings All,

Is anyone else experiencing Marked 2's Streaming preview feature crashing with use of the Archive? I've recently updated to the new OS and this is the only change I can think of that could be the cause of the error. Marked 2 still works if I go to zettle and open manually.

Anyone else having this issue?


  • Yes, I'm experiencing the same thing. Even after yesterday's 2.6.27 update, which specifically mentions fixes for streaming preview from Drafts and Bear, Marked is still crashing immediately after streaming preview from The Archive.

  • Update: Brett just made another release specifically to fix this. I haven't tested extensively yet, but no crashes so far. the announcement

  • 2.6.28 fixes the problem for me.

  • I just updated to 2.6.28 and it fixed the issue. Thanks for the feedback all!

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