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Hello there

My name is Christophe and I'm 43. I live in France and I'm a freelance French teacher on an online learning platform.

I'm going to start my own knowledge management system. It will be deeply inspired by the Zettelkasten method, but also with elements of other note-taking methods.

Thank you for your attention! ^^


  • Hi Lechaz.
    I'm curious about the "other note-taking methods" :-)
    What are elements have you found useful integrating with Zettelkasten?

  • edited June 2023

    Hi Andang,
    Mainly the "commonplace book", Umberto Eco's How to write a dissertation (I'm not sure about the English title), and some other little ideas and suggestions I've found here and there on the Internet

  • Welcome to the forum! I hope you find lots of good ideas here :smiley:

    You will find a lot of value in the Getting Started section.

  • Hi GeoEng51,
    Thank you for your welcoming message. I've already read it, of course.

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