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Zettel View: a VS Code extension to list Zettels by H1 header

ChatGPT and I collaborated on a Visual Studio Code extension to display a list of markdown files by their H1 header. The extension is called Zettel View, and it contributes a Zettlr-like display of Zettels to the VS Code Explorer View, as shown below.

Clicking on any file in the Zettel View window opens the Zettel markdown file in an editor window and causes the file explorer to highlight the selected file. Since I installed the "Auto-Open Markdown Preview" VS Code extension, the markdown preview of the selected Zettel also appears.

The Zettel View extension for VS Code is available on my GitHub account.

Zettel View makes some assumptions about Zettels. First, Zettels are markdown files with the extension .md. Second, a markdown file's H1 or level-one header has the form # ID TITLE (the ID is to the left; some prefer the ID on the right). Third, ID matches a regular expression specific to my ID scheme. Fourth, ID.md is the filename of the Zettel markdown file with the header # ID TITLE.

The second and third assumptions are hard-coded but could be made configurable in later versions of the extension. The fourth assumption isn't enforced: a mismatch between ID.md and the filename will appear as a discrepancy between the Zettel selected in the Zettel View and the file explorer. A warning will be emitted in that case.

Zettr has the built-in configuration setting, "Display files using first heading level 1 if available." A community plugin for Obsidian called "File Explorer Markdown Titles" once produced a similar display in the Obsidian file explorer. Unfortunately, that plugin no longer works with newer versions of Obsidian. Since VS Code is more valuable for my work than Obsidian, it made more sense to develop a VS Code extension than to modify the plugin to work with the current Obsidian API. I plan to move to VS Code the Pandoc and LaTeX integration I configured in Zettlr.

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