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[BUG] Drag and drop text between windows

This discussion was created from comments split from: The Archive: Introducing Image Import for Your Plain Text Notes.


  • @ctietze, I'd like to report an issue with drag and drop, not necessarily only with images. Drag and drop between two archive notes.

    I'm refactoring some of my structure notes. I could use the more cumbersome cut and paste, but drag and drop would make this quicker and more intuitive.

    Steps to reproduce.
    1. Open the same structure note in side-by-side windows.
    2. Highlight and drag text from one window to the other. It is essentially reorganizing the text.
    3. The mouse curser indicates a copy, which it does with no problem.
    4. Here is the issue. If you press the command key, the cursor turns off the indicator for copy, and the expectation is a move. But the text is moved, and the original text is not transferred. It appears that the text in the line above the moved text is highlighted but not deleted, thankfully, but the original text remains. Look closely at the text highlighted at the end of the gif.
    5. If the notes are not the same, then I get an audible beep rather than the line above the original line being highlighted.

    Short gif showing the behavior with a structure note.

    Will Simpson
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