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Hi there! Off topic: For the people that use org-mode how do you access it with your iphone?

I want to start seeing my tasks with my iPhone and completing them. I have seen two options which are beorg and plain org. How do you do it?


  • I use org-mode, but for tasks and stuff like that only. Not Zettelkasten.

    beorg is great for that: it offers an Agenda-like view (less customizable, though), with iPhone Reminders and Calendar integrated into one screen. When I use it, I use it to look up details/notes for tasks I scheduled for that day when I'm not at my desk. (1%) And to put stuff into my inbox. (99%)

    Álvaro Ramírez is doing a lot of cool coding experiments and his Plain Org is arguably the nicer app to browse outlines for their content.

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    Yep, what Christian said, beorg for tasks, PlainOrg for interacting with org-files in general

    I use emacs for Zettelkasten with org-roam, but in actual fact, the features that I use the most are very basic and I keep asking myself if that will go away after getting more comfortable or if I might use something more focused such as The Archive and concentrate more on my part of the journey as a result.
    In general, I try not to overwhelm myself by using features simply because they are there but instead commit myself to using something I have identified a need for and it is a reassuring feeling that I will never run out of options with emacs and org mode. Nevertheless, emacs is temperamental and it is very difficult to gauge if getting a package to run is simple or will have you tear out your hair after hours of futzing around as happened to me recently after restoring a Macbook from a backup. No matter what I would do, I could not get org-roam to run under Doom Emacs (which worked on that very Macbook previously) and had to resort to using a vanilla emacs, which is no big deal but still.

    Limiting or liberating? I won't know until quite some time after the switch once the dust has settled but I can see the appeal of either solution.

    Anyway, sorry for the OT.

  • Thanks for the help, that's what I ended up using. Beorg and Plainorg.

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