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I have been using TA simply as a note maker and collector for some months. It is now the digital analogue of my card files and is most useful in that limited role. I now want to learn how to do several things to build analysis in my work. I apologize if these queries are elementary. I am a senior researcher and need to start with the following at a base level:
1. How do I create Tabs?
2. How do I open multiple windows (as per a Will post from 2020)?
3. How do I create back links?
4. How do I save searches?

Many thanks!


  • Hi, @Jakob,

    1. A menu option exists on the toolbar to make a tab.

    2. To create two windows, once you have a tab, the menu item Move tab to a new window will become available. Resize them however pleases you. And you are not limited to just two windows.

    3. I create mine the same way I create forward links.

    4. Saved Searches are available in the "The Archive" > Settings menu option. Once created, they are known by enabling the Show Saved Searches option in the View menu.

    Will Simpson
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  • Many thanks Will!

  • Thanks for these excellent explanations, @Will!

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