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"Citations": GTK/GNOME app to manage BibTeX files

For Mac, we usually recommend BibDesk here. It's free, open source, and works really well overall. It even comes with library research tools with templates for e.g. PubMed, but which also worked with our local university library. Also supports export templates to quickly copy and paste in your favorite Markdown flavor.

For (some) Linux systems, there's an open source app targeting GTK/GNOME that was shared in my interweb circles recently:


It looks very minimalistic. Some scripting/automation features would be useful to more quickly generate (Markdown-compatible) citations.

Experience reports welcome!

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  • Thanks for sharing this app.....definitely pretty basic functionality....

    And please note the following on the github page:

    Citations does not support local variables nor comments, and that data might be lost. Please make a backup of your BibTeX file if you use them.

    Hopefully, app will develop a bit more....

    Might try it if I get time....

  • I switched from BibDesk to Zotero; importing citations is easy, and the tool is also free. It builds the citationKey automatically.

  • Agree about Zotero....been using it for awhile on my Macbook Pro as well as my laptop running Manjaro linux. Works well and it syncs file to keep it up to date across the two devices.

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