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Zetlerkasten implementation for persons with disabilities (blind, visually impaired, learning disabi

Hi to everyone here!

I don´t know If you will be able to answer me, but really, I have nothing to loose and no better place to ask, since the question is directly related to zettelkasten method of note-taking!
I have a disability (sight impairment), and note-taking tools turned out to be very dounting tools for me. There are only a handful of note-taking apps that are somewhat accessible for screenreaders, and therefore I would like to know If any of you uses softvare which is accessible for screenreader users to set up their zettelkasten or helped someone with sight impairment to set one up?
On some of the forums it was said that opsidian is partially accessible for screenreaders (I tryed it but it seamed very complicated, so I don´t know is it because of the softvare inaccessibility or it just needs time for me to get adjusted to new way of note-taking), roam seamed a bit pricey for me, and I Am currently trying some open source options.
So, any comment or suggestion would be of great help!

Thank you!


  • The only app good enough to build a zettelkasten with is the app Drafts, at least for using screenreaders. I’ve more or less tried everything, Obsidian, Bear, Notion. It’s always something wrong with one of the apps. Either I can’t read my notes or, I can’t enter the textbox. It is pretty annoying.

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