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Don't Break the Chain - Obsidian Template

I wanted to share a tool I created with all of the Obsidian users in the forum.

My goal is to create at least 3 zettels per day on a dedicated subject, so I created a "Don't Break the Chain" page that displays:
1. How many Zettels were created on each day
2. The titles for the Zettels I created today (to check if the 3+ I created are on my chosen topic)

It looks like this:

To make this work, you need:
1. Obsidian
2. Add a YAML date called Date to each slip as you add it to your Slipbox folder
3. The Dataview plugin

To create this page, create a new page and paste this verbatim into the page. Change "Slipbox" to the name of your slipbox folder and change "Date" to whatever YAML tag you use for the date.


# Don't Break the Chain

Zettels Created

CALENDAR addDate FROM "Slipbox"
FLATTEN date(split(Date, " ")[0] + "T" + split(Date, " ")[1]) AS addDate

Zettels Created Today

TABLE Date as "Added to Slipbox" FROM "Slipbox"
FLATTEN date(split(Date, " ")[0]) AS addDate
WHERE addDate = date(today)
SORT Date desc

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