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What ideas are you wrestling with this week? January 26, 2023

I don't know why I feel the need to confess. It is a little cathartic.
Spelling, grammar, reading, and writing that make up the English curriculum in the US were never my forte. In fact, I was in Special Ed and rode the short bus until I was a junior in high school. I don't remember ever taking a writing class in primary school. Now, look at me. I'm in a graduate-level writing seminar with nine MFA students.

This is the output of a little python script I wrote a few weeks ago. It makes my tending this thread easy.

What I'm Working On

12 New Zettel in the Last 7 Days.

Titles and one-sentence summary/meaning of atomic zettel. These are the ideas I'm currently wrestling with. They represent a 7-day window of new notes.

This is generated with nothing held back. If any of this interests you, please start a thread here, DM me. If you have questions about form or content, I'm happy to discuss anything on this list.

Will Simpson
The quality of our thinking is directly proportional to the quality of our reading. To think better, we must read better. - Rohan


  • @Will

    I like the image of "wrestling" with ideas. One has to put in a lot of effort and the idea fights back and sometimes locks us in one hold or another for a while. Very nice.

    One of your zettel topics reminded me of the web site called Squish. It's sort of a reverse look-up dictionary / fuzzy thesaurus. I keep it open almost all the time when writing. It's good for old duffers like us. You can type in a word, but more helpfully, a whole phrase, and Squish suggests a number single words, giving you a definition of the one it thinks matches your phrase the best and then a thesaurus list of many others.

    Squish has pretty much replaced my other on-line dictionary helps:


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