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[Zettel Feedback] Record urban sketching in 5s intervals with the camera in your hand

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202301121952 Record urban sketching in 5s intervals with the camera in your hand

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To record timelapses of drawings, just use the camera with the left hand while you paint with the right and record a couple of seconds.

Paul Heaston (@paulheaston) shared on Instagram that he's not using tools to hold his camera while he's recording sketches most of the time instead of using a table mount.

Usually, he picks up the phone mid-sketch with the left hand, draws with the right, and records the drawing process for a couple of seconds only to capture something interesting on video. Finally, combine the clips into 1 video.

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    I'm not happy with this one. It's a simple technique -- no, it's not even a technique, it's more like an example of with how little effort you can share interesting videos of a drawing process.

    The title is also odd. It's so odd that it's the equivalent of a "code smell": In programming, we have this notion that when code has certain qualities, you can train yourself to stop and reconsider techniques to refactor or otherwise change the approach. One such "smell" would be non-descript variable names like a. If you can't come up with something more descriptive as you write the line, how should a future reader understand this? -- That's basically the title here.

    Complaining about this note reveals to me that it's more about the "permission" to produce crappy but still useful media. You don't need much. Do this and it's ok. His Instagram followers apparently like it. (I do!)

    There's potential do create an overview of "produce crappy video regularly". Reminds me of a process @Sascha once shared, too, to record videos after workouts. :) But this overview would be mostly a collection of people who do that.

    "Cheap techniques to produce content on social media" would be another contender ;) All of these overviews would just have 1 entry a.t.m.

    Make this note a mere "Paul Heaston doesn't use camera gear to record his timelapses" then 🤔

    Here's on example video of Paul's, btw

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    When you are collecting such ideas it is important to have a broader goal in mind, like learning the basics.

    I'd create a note on "photography for beginners" to hold all sorts of project ideas, techniques and motivation. It provides an overview of active projects and holds lots of inspiration.

    The fact that it is 5 seconds is of little use. If you know a bit about time lapse you can pick the interval best for you.

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  • @zk_1000 I don't actually have a 'department' on photography/videography in my Zettelkasten. That would be a good thematic fit.

    This piece is now also "filed" as a quick tip for budding sketchers in the local community to expand their internet fame, as this was the main angle I found interesting.

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