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org-caldav syncs to-dos and appointments

A new maintainer for org-caldav has been found and a big update was published this week to sync tasks/todo's:

With this, you can have your plain text todo files and appointments (in Emacs + org-mode) and sync with a proper Calendar service/app -- e.g. "make stuff appear on your mobile devices". Then you can also have your regular Calendar app prompt you to get going before appointments by all the buzzing and beeping you'd usually expect. The origin of the information is outside of your calendar app, though, in Emacs. Which may or may not be your cup of tea :)

You can now, from the """comfort""" of Emacs and your org-mode files, sync all this stuff to a "CalDav" server. That means: basically every mail + calendar server, including Google's, though I'll be trying iCloud and Nextcloud.

The tool exports all your .org info to iCalendar files (.ical) and then syncs these with a server. It's a two way sync, so you also get new entries for calendar events you've created.

At the end of the process, org-caldav acts as a bridge between your plain text stuff and your normal Calendar + Todo stuff.

Apple users beware: don't expect this to "just work" with Reminders, though. From work, I know that the Reminders app is basically a glorified hack. I'll report back when I find out anything substantial about this.

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