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The Archive — Speed

Comparing The Archive and nvAlt side-by-side, nvAlt is significantly snappier.

I can replicate this with a basic task:
Pasting a phrase into the search field.

In The Archive, the results seem to fade in, and take slightly longer. In nvAlt, the results seem "immediate".

Will this change? Is there a reason for this?


  • @micahredding , interesting, would you know how much slower? One second? 2? 3?.. a minute? I tested both and can't a difference, however, I may not have as many notes as you have.

    Thank you

  • @micahredding Once I implement the Superfast MultiMarkdown Highlighter, displaying notes should become faster. Also, I have some tasks left to improve the search index. So yeah, the situation should improve in the upcoming months!

    Still: how many notes do you have?

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  • I have 1950 notes at present. The speed difference is minor—a fraction of a second—but the speed of nvAlt is a lot of what makes it feel like a "second memory", and thus something I rely on for almost everything.

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