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The Archive v1.7.9 β – Paste images from clipboard

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Just a quick update announcement for the recent updates!

The user-facing highlights:

  • Paste image from the clipboard: this stores an image on your drive and moves it to your media/resource folder.
  • Open link in tab/window from the right-click menu.

Rest is maintenance/bug fixes in these releases.

(Am working on scriptability in a parallel branch.)

Release Notes

The latest 2 updates' release notes, combined:

v1.7.9 Beta (2022-09-27)

  • New: You can paste images from the clipboard. The Archive creates an image from the clipboard contents and imports it into your resources directory, aka the "media" folder. For example, this works with screenshots via the system-wide ⌃⇧⌘4 shortcut, and with copied images from web browsers.
  • New: Create note from right-click menu in the search results list.
  • New: Console log viewer in the "Debug" menu, available with the debugMode hidden preference.
  • Fixed: Renaming a note from the right-click menu works without a selection, treating the clicked note as the to-be-renamed one.
  • Fixed: Special characters and emoji (that aren't part of your actual font used for typing) were prone to temporarily vanish sometimes.

v1.7.8 Beta (2022-09-19)

Version retracted from auto-update because 2 users reported problems with their license being recognized.

  • New: Open Link in New Tab/New Window are now part of the context menu when you click on a link.
  • New: Access to new "Debug" menus with the debugMode hidden preference.
  • Changed: Removed the extra 'padding' of the active area around the divider between search result list and note editor. Changing it is now a hidden preference.
  • Fixed: Suppressing the note deletion confirmation dialog didn't persist across app launches.
  • Fixed: Renaming attachments could crash an internal macOS editor component.
  • Fixed: Renaming attachments (like images) with a file:// URL scheme didn't retain the scheme part after the rename was completed, and instead reverted to regular paths.
  • Fixed: When allowing the theme to override fonts with relative/fractional font sizes for some elements, the relative size was applied twice for inline code ... and wikilinks inside lists.
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