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TheBrain as a slip-box?

Hi everyone!
I've been using The Archive for several days. It's a great tool, I love its icon and I must say that it's a noble intiative to allow this forum to talk about another apps than The Archive itself. But, at the present time, coming from Tinderbox, I need a more complex tool in order to handle a lot of notes. That's the reason why I was wondering if you have any thoughts about another tool I'm currently testing: TheBrain app. I'm trying to follow some of the Zettelkasten principles and as permanent notes have to be organized in a sequential and numbered way, I question myself: is the way TheBrain works a good process to create a Slip-box? It's sequential if you want to and you can also view your notes in a graphic mode which is useful when it comes to focus on some specific topic aspects.

This is a screenshot of my first permanent note:


  • I like TB for the visual organization of thoughts/notes/files in the Plex and the excellent search features.

  • I'm somewhat of an app junkie. I've used Notion, Obsidian, Tinderbox, AppleNotes, Zetero, Zettlr, and TheBrain. I keep coming back to TheBrain. Its latest version (13) is jam-packed with features that make it easy to implement the basic concepts of ZKing but, in my opinion, makes it much easier. The graphical interface is a dream and makes links easy and intuitive to make.

  • I like TB. Been using if for years. I struggle with adding items. For example, I also use Drafts app. However, the Drafts app action adds a txt document rather than adding text to a TB entry. I wonder if any one has used TB for ZK. Feel free to share any ideas!

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