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Saved search and keyboard shortcuts

edited April 30 in The Archive

Just a few notes of my experience in case it's of any help to anyone else…

I've been using The Archive for a few weeks now and initially thought I wouldn't have a use for Saved Searched. That's changing.

I've now got four saved searches that work really well with how I use The Archive and keep notes generally. They are each assigned a keyboard shortcut (⌘1, ⌘2, ⌘3, and ⌘4) for ease of use:

  1. All notes. The search string is blank here and it simply shows all notes. This is useful if The Archive is the active app but is minimised or hidden and if there is a different search active.
  2. Inbox. Searches for a tag of #inbox which I use to 'file' notes I don't yet know what I want to do with.
  3. Flagged. If I'm working on something and it's incomplete or I know I should return to it I tag it #flag (in the area of the note that needs revisiting rather than at the top where I usually put tags).
  4. Attachments. By searching for the string ](media/ I can easily see all my files with links to documents I've put into the media folder.

As an aside related to the attachment search, I've set up an Automator service and Keyboard Maestro macro that I use as follows:

  • Right click on a pdf that I want to add to The Archive and select my Automator 'reduce pdf filesize' service
  • The Automator service puts a copy into a local directory I've called Media-archive (this enables me to keep a full-size version in case I ever need it)
  • Moves the file into The Archive's media directory
  • Reduces the filesize with the Quartz filter
  • Keyboard Maestro 'watches' the media folder for new files being added, spots the new file and formats a markdown file link with the filename and puts it into the clipboard ready to be pasted into an Archive file.

The Archive is quickly becoming indispensible to me.

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