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Sharing this new book I found about using DevonThink as a Zettelkasten

Hi there!

Not so long ago, I found the book "Taking Smart Notes with DevonThink" on the website of Kourosh Dini. I haven't been able to explore it completely because I'm currently processing Effective Notetaking. However, I have started to use daily DevonThink to take notes of the PDFs I read for my dissertation, and I love how you can create links even to a particular section of a PDF inside your note.

I will definitely read the book in a couple of months because I am already connecting my notes with PDFs and other notes in my database.

What I also like, and this isn't related to the book, is that I have finally settled in my search for a tool to keep my notes, research, sources and moreover make my zettelkasten.

So, if you already have DevonThink you might want to check it out, as I said, I haven't read it, but I have started to connect my thoughts from the sources I extract the information, and also to other notes. The iconography of the software is really helpful to know where the connections are going.


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