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Keyboard (arrow keys) navigation in Search Window (Sublime_ZK)

When I populate all notes in a search window (by pressing [+!) I have to take several steps to navigate through them. First I have to place the cursor on a note link and then press Control+Enter (Mac) to open each one in a separate pane.

Feature request: it would be much faster and productive to navigate through notes (with arrow keys?) and have them automatically open in a separate pane. So far this is what I miss the most in Sublime_ZK


  • I think you cannot make that work with the file browser as simple as that. Probably shortcuts like Ctrl+n and Ctrl+p will be best, invoking a "next/prev Zettel" function.

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  • Thanks, that helps, because at least I don't have to take my hands off the keyboard

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    It used to be that way, that every note opened in a new pane, which I found annoying. There is a setting for the id of the pane to open new notes in. I take it, if set to -1, that could indicate "make a new pane". I will look into this, shouldn't be that hard (famous last words). But I need some time to recover from the recent sublimeless marathon. It shouldn't be hard to implement an open link and advance to next link command. Put these two together and it should do what you want. :smile:

  • Btw: there is a sublime_zk thread somewhere in this forum. This is where I look first if I have little time.

  • I will post question on Sublime_ZK thread, thanks.

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