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Share your ZK plans for 22 MAY - 28 May.

I write so I can think about things I haven't thought about yet.

Please share in this thread what ideas you are excited about. Please share what you wish you'd be working on. Use this as a public accountably tool, as a way to start a conversation, and to socialize your understanding.


Week 21 of 2022 Already!

This week, I'll be

  • I'll be exploring Venkatesh Rao's idea Against Waldenponding and see how it applies to my work.
  • I hope to put out a new Poetry of Zettelkasting video.
  • My social commitments are low this week, so I hope I can spend extra time in the library.


These are the titles of a few notes I'm excited about.
Show us yours! We are interested in seeing what you are up to!


  • Confronting the Deadly Arithmetic of Compassion [20220517]
  • Near Search Demo [20220509]
  • BO-Be wholehearted [20190422]
  • DM-Cognition [20220508]
  • Poetry Is The Science Of The Real [20210520]
  • Don't Omit The Thing You Want To Say [20210520]
  • A-Ongoing Relational Ideation [20200824]
  • Analog vs. Digital Zettelkasten [20220515]
    - Sascha in the digital corner and Scott Scheper in the analog corner MMA/Bar Fight/Lovefest

Will Simpson
“Read Poetry, Listen to Good Music, and Get Exercise”


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    Started this week by writing a draft white paper on the what, why, and how of adopting the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) classification system within my organization using some notes from my Zk.

    I jumped at doing this paper thanks in part to the recent video on May 14 - Analog vs. Digital Zettelkasten with @sfast and @scottscheper , where there was talk of moving from a growth/orientation phase to a contribution phase. What I have lacked in both my efforts with an analog and digital Zk was the externality of “Why” I was collecting these notes until this point.

    Based on feedback I receive and holes identified in the paper, I plan to also write additional literature/permanent notes and to update the paper this week.

    @Will I also plan to finish the video you shared back on April 26 - Atomizing "Efficient Notetaking" video demonstration, where you discuss the book entitled, Effective Note Taking by Fiona McPherson.

  • @Erich, I, too, was moved by Sascha and Scott's discussion of externalizing the context of the ZK. I thought of this as externalizing the learning experience. Another way of looking at this would be having a propose for zettelkasting: a project, a goal, a target. Even a fake project, as Sascha said. Make a note and tie it to a project that gives it meaning.

    The joy of zettelkasting comes from the enthusiasm that is crucial to successful zettelkasting.

    @Erich, good luck writing the (UNSPSC) classification system white paper.

    Will Simpson
    “Read Poetry, Listen to Good Music, and Get Exercise”

  • This week, I'll be:

    • Continuing my search for the best attires for biking in hot weather.
    • Learning how to help a grieving parakeet.

    More on the thinking/zettel side, a few titles I have in the waiting:

    • Ideas are not experiences
    • True ignorance is experienced in ignorance
    • Death as the ultimate purpose of war
    • The Jew in Hitler
    • Judge policies by their results, not their intentions
  • @jellis, a sad story has got to go along with "Learning how to help a grieving parakeet."

    Will Simpson
    “Read Poetry, Listen to Good Music, and Get Exercise”

  • @jellis said:

    • Learning how to help a grieving parakeet.

    Poor thing ! Maybe I can help ? I had a parrot, and I worked in a bird breeding. Some things that always help, whatever the problem is : an UV lamp for its feathers, fresh fruits, a pool with water to bath (they usualy love bathing, sometimes they even make cute noises), regular hours of light, and a lot of love and care.

    Last week :

    My week was… active. As my son was in a school trip, I loose grip with the "normal" world and become totaly nocturnal as I used to be. I threw myself into work and as I was quite energetic, I made a lot… and a lot of things. Something like mode than 50 notes, four chapters of my fourth novel, novel programmation, reading, watching a film in a theatre, cooking and things for my house.

    Now, I am back into the human world and I really don't like the noise and the heat.

    This week

    OK so this week I try implementing GTD method. I have David Allen's book, I've choose my software, I have ideas to test… Let's rock, dude !

    Trivia :

    Do you now the word game "Cemantle" ? It is quite simple : you have to guess the mysterious word thanks to association of idea. It is addictive, I really like this word-cluedo guessing game.

  • Continuing the never-ending math project from last week. The latest revision was a substantial rewrite.

    When I was a kid, my friends and I would alter the lyrics of cereal commercials. For some reason I recalled the modified lyrics to the "Apple Jacks" cereal ditty. The original lyrics were English, but the German really packs a punch.

    Arschloch Jacks!
    Arschloch Jacks!
    Zucker Beschichtete Toroide, das packt es!
    Seltsam lecker, stinkend auch!
    Krilogs Arschloch Jacks!

    OK it's not Goethe or Heine. But it is in the Zettelkasten, with a link to "extremely businesslike attitude." :trollface:

    Erdős #2. ZK software components. “If you’re thinking without writing, you only think you’re thinking.” -- Leslie Lamport.

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    I had finished an analytical text about politics and economics of current Russo-Ukrainian conflict. ZK technique was a huge help here, since some points of relevant information were few and far between, mass media is not just useless but rather obstructive and both sides obfuscate their motives. I'm rather pleased with the result and ready to move to the projects I've shuffled aside some months ago.
    The text is not ideal, but I deem it good enough - it has all the relevant logical transitions and major points of critique, though it's sparce in places.

    Also, I have a bunch of sidenotes that were of secondary importance to the core issue. They're poorly processed and sometimes consist of infodumps. I've thought about refactoring them properly... But in the end decided to dump them into archive, since a) I'm not interested enough, b) it's a good case of fighting unnecessary perfectionism - they may wait for the next project.
    Maybe somebody would like to remark about handling the secondary info of their own projects?

    This week I want to clean my inbox some more, including notes from Obsidian. I decided to use it after all, but keep it for fleeting notes only. This way I don't have to suffer through the UI that much.


    Do you now the word game "Cemantle" ?

    I suspect this thing will become my daily addiction. Thank you (or not!).

    I've also thought about your suggestion on portable keyboard (thank you). I've decided to not use it for now, but I'll keep it in mind.

    @jellis said:

    • Death as the ultimate purpose of war

    Care to elaborate?

  • @ZettelDistraction said
    OK it's not Goethe or Heine. But it is in the Zettelkasten, with a link to "extremely businesslike attitude." :trollface:

    I can't stop laughing, that's awesome !

    @emp said:
    I've also thought about your suggestion on portable keyboard (thank you). I've decided to not use it for now, but I'll keep it in mind.

    You are welcome ! I am glad if you find something that suits you for fleeting note, it is the most important !

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