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New to The Archive - folders

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Hi! I am new to the archive and am already loving it. I can, however, not work out how to create a seperate project folder within the archive. Is there capacity to create subfolders or do you create a kind of project cluster through tagging? Thank you!


  • Welcome, @Bojana.
    To create a project cluster of notes, you can use tags as you suggest. This allows cross-pollination of ideas from project to project. You can easily tie projects to "Saved Searches" with tags. Potentially, you could create an elaborate tagging lingo for projects using pictographs and special characters.

    Using a tool like MassReplaceIt makes short order of changing and cleaning up tags if desired at the end of a project. I often leave them in place to provide a historical trail. I'm on a bend to reduce the overhead curating I do in my ZK.

    Will Simpson
    I must keep doing my best even though I'm a failure. My peak cognition is behind me. One day soon I will read my last book, write my last note, eat my last meal, and kiss my sweetie for the last time.

  • @Bojana At present, you cannot create sub-folders in your ZK, except to have a sub-folder called "media" for your images.

    Keep in mind that the whole idea of a ZK is to connect zettels, so using folders would be counter-productive.

    I use tags just as you described; @Will provides good direction for that.

  • @Bojana Welcome!

    All your notes of a ZK are in a single folder. If you want you can create multiple of such folders, for different projects, but they would be different ZK. You can switch between them in the menu The Archive - Switch Archives. As @GeoEng51 said, you may not want to do this, unless there is a very pressing reason to keep the different ZK separate.

    Under a ZK folder, you can create subfolders for files you link to. The subfolder /media is there by default, but noting stops you from making other folders with reference materials that you would like to link to. As an example, I use my ZK as a reference manager, and I have a subfolder /literature. The relevant link you can make with . When the file is a picture is will show a preview in your note, if it's pdf it will show the first page of the pdf. Otherwise it's just a link to the file in your finder.

  • Thank you so much, @Will, @GeoEng51 and @erikh. I have been using the Archive a lot (and to incredible results!) and your advice is super useful. @GeoEng51, thank you for pointing out the counter-productivity of subfolders - you are totally right! It's interesting to observe how the mind clings on to the idea of categories!

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