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Share your ZK plans for 8 MAY - 14 May?

"Factfulness is the stress-reducing habit of only carrying opinions for which you have strong supporting facts." - Hans Rosling, 1948-2017. What is knowledge but the love of the facts?


Claim what you 'intend' to do this week.
How do we know you are here? You have to say something, and here is a low-risk place to speak up. Be brave.

This Week

I've got an itch. Stealing @Loni's Word Definition Deep Dive and I've applied it in principle to defining "Cognition." I'm first exploring external sources for definitions and synonyms. Then I'll search my ZK for connections, which I expect to be many. Probably the most fun/work, the next stage will be to think of metaphors to fit with the note. I'm calling this a #definition-map.

Class is over, and I have a little freedom for reading and have picked up, Metaphors We Live By by George Lakoff and Mark Leonard Johnson.


I'm thinking about when The Archive might become natively scriptable and what that will mean.

Will Simpson
The quality of our thinking is directly proportional to the quality of our reading. To think better, we must read better. - Rohan


  • Hi @Will ! I'm glad to inspire you some process of thoughts :) I really like the "definition map" term you use here.

    This week

    Wow, I have been quite busy this week. I've learnt that Martial Arts leaved a backdoor in my cognitive system.

    MiniBear will travel with his whole school next week, I have to prepare everything for him. I'm sure I will forget some things and other and my partner will be "OMG you forgot something ! Oh noooooo" like everytimes and everything will end up with some absurd scene like always. I take some advance and start laughing right away. And make a list. Security first ! It will help to prevent the worried daddy to put everything in the wallet and the full of enthousiasm little bear too.

    Some news from school, not really good or bad, I have to make research for helping MiniBear. And I have realised that I made a mistake: MiniBear leaves not next week but the one after. I have more time to prepare him for his travel. Mother of the year, yip yip ! x) One other mother reminds me dates and time now as she knows I don't make connexion between the date and the actual date. I've become a living meme for parents and teachers. Is it an accomplishement ?

    Goal for this week ? Finish the Act 2 of my novel and begin the third !

    Not this time. I came back to my novels and see that a lot of small and big things didn't work the way I want. From the structure of Univers itself to the story and characters… Energy is not "a thing" in Univers, but the consequence of informations transfer, so I have to move structure. Dante needs more and more space, Éris and Gahéris should be far more crazy and , Medea should be sweeter. Refractor all of this, girl, refractor ! JUST DO IT !

    For next week :

    • Program and refractore and rewrite the fourth and fifth novels.
    • Dig characters evolution.
    • Truby reading. Dang.
    • Find the configuration file of Emacs. Epic quest ongoing.
    • Éris and Gahéris want to know how to make bomb with saltpeter, for theory only, sure sure, of course.


    • [[0.220506190254.Althiero Pluchies war]] : when a God's fire magic leads to crucify an innocent plushie on a wall with a maniac laugh. Acid spreading does all the fantaisie here.
    • [[Ec.220505111800.Humour.Contrast and surprise]] When I study opposing two constrasted things to create surprise and bring humour in texts.
    • [[log.220507094452.No alternative to CSP in Linux]] when I find out that my favorite art software does not exist on Linux and the alternatives don't do the job at all. The switch is not ready.

    Do you know Vanessa Gillings ? She does cute and sweet children illustrations thanks to gouache she seems to use in a watercolor wash way. You can discover her Portfolio here

  • edited May 2022

    The plan is to close some long-standing as well as some new notemaking debts.

    For the last several months I found that I have some opportunities to read stuff or listen to stuff (while I'm commuting or sitting with my kid), but don't really have time to make notes (since I got accustomed to doing them on PC and was too narrowminded to try something else). So I've been getting info without refactoring it.
    Now I'm trying to change things.

    Firstly, I began to make notes in the night, when the city sleeps. :) The progress is slow so far. I'm mostly feeding the archive / compost heap with some info on military matters. Most of those are either stubs or notes where I did find a good enough summary but lack a context to put them in. So to the archive they go.

    Secondly, I've downloaded Obsidian for Android to check whether it could be used as a ZK platform. I think it would be a suboptimal option (writing or editing text on the smartphone is a pain), but it might be good enough to do some work on the move. And I should be able to easily convert obsidian .md files to my ZK .txt ones.

    Here're the headers of recent notes. I doubt that they would be of interest, though)
    [[]] Banking liquidity in 1q2022
    [[]] Increased yield of ESG companies
    [[]] 2022-03 Wagner PMC in Ukraine
    [[]] Marcus Cassius Scaevus
    [[]] Actovegin
    [[]] Van Gulik. Judge Dee
    [[]] Several mysteries are better than one
    [[]] Number of connections between nodes
    [[]] On a necessity of government proficit
    [[]] Strict government proficit as an antithesis to new monetary theory
    [[]] Financial Institutions
    [[]] Supply line (military)
    [[]] ATG
    [[]] Operational warfare
    [[]] Stingers in Afghan war
    [[]] Copters as anti-tank weapon
    [[]] Notion - officer is a worse soldier than private
    [[]] Squire promotion to a knight
    [[]] Materials critical for MIC
    [[]] Materials critical for economy
    [[]] Strength of occupational force
    [[]] Reasons for military domination in internal politics
    [[]] Artillery tech and precision
    [[]] Expeditionary corps vs regular army
    [[]] Desert storm - Bradley and Abrams interaction
    [[]] Division front
    [[]] Vegan food
    [[]] Artillery munitions expenditure
    [[]] Share of casualties by weapon class in 2WW
    [[]] 2WW military doctrines
    [[]] 2WW infantry doctrines
    [[]] 2WW artillery doctrines
    [[]] 2WW US artillery computations
    [[]] Time on Target (ToT) barrage
    [[]] 2WW as a computational problem
    [[]] Blitzkrieg efficiency
    [[]] Winter war
    [[]] A comparison of German and Soviet army compositions

    Edit: is there a way to spoiler this?

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  • @emps I (mostly) use The Archive on my MacBook, but also when on the move use 1Writer on my iPad, which accesses my ZK flawlessly. Might be an option for you?

  • edited May 2022

    Nah. I don't have a single Apple device in my household. They were 2-3 times more expensive than comparable devices from other vendors even before the war.
    These days, AFAIK, Apple not only had stopped shipping to Russia, they had also cut software functionality on the already sold devices. I'm not going to purchase anything from the company that behaves this way (that is, unless I relocate to USA and this risk becomes immaterial).

    Also, I've tried to use Obsidian on the smartphone and it provides everything I need and then some. My main issue is that the smartphone UI is very small and unwieldy compared to PC or even a tablet. Single-finger manipulations just can't compete with mouse&keyboard.
    But tablet is too big to use on the go. So smartphone is the only option.

  • @emps I have a relatively small (28cm) logitech bluetooth keyboard to bring with me while traveling outside. It does not change the small UI, however I don't see the tactil keyboard anymore and it is more confortable. The touch are agreedable, good quality, it's the K380. Maybe it could help.

  • @Will said:
    [...] and have picked up, Metaphors We Live By by George Lakoff and Mark Leonard Johnson.

    Nice book. I like books by that crowd (my favorite being "The Way We Think" by Fauconnier and Turner; and by "that crowd" I mean those somehow connected to UC Berkeley CogSci/Linguistics).

  • @amahabal, thanks for the pointer to the UC Berkeley CogSci/Linguistics crowd. I'm finding Metaphors We Live By to be an exciting read.

    A metaphor is a comparison construct.
    Something abstract is like something familiar.
    Something unseen is like something seen.

    I'm only 20% into a first read. Please, no spoilers. :smile:

    By the way, @amahabal, what are you up to this week in ZK land?

    Will Simpson
    The quality of our thinking is directly proportional to the quality of our reading. To think better, we must read better. - Rohan

  • As my ZK grows, I am noticing some positive things. How I engage with works has deepened: whereas I would sometimes zip through a paper, gleaning what I could with a cursory reading, I now more often keep at it, until the book reveals itself to me.

    A few months ago, I tried reading On the origin of objects by Brian Cantwell Smith, where he advances a new metaphysics of what an object is, threading a path between realism and social constructivism, informed by his wish to understand the "objects" in computation and break through the ontological wall he kept hitting into. It was a very difficult read and I gave up. I picked it up again recently, and although I have not yet made any Zettels for it (I will), the ZK is already helping---my zK has helped increase my awareness of questions I care about. I have now carefully read the first few pages of every chapter of the book, and I have a reasonable broad-brushstrokes idea of the path Smith is taking. Even if I won't end up lapping up all he says, the questions he asks are relevant to the questions I think about (such as how to talk about the "reality" of frames: i.e., what is their ontological status, and partial and perspectival activation of categories).

    At work, I have a new-for-me responsibility: to lead a diverse team made of different kinds of specialists (Linguists/Taxonomists/ML folks/engineers). I have started a new ZK for this, and added the ability to my home-grown zk system to have cross-zk links (Will never have links from my main zk going outward, but will have incoming links).

  • @Will Thanks for keeping the train going! Choo choo! /ᐠ。ퟑ。ᐟ\

    @Loni said:
    MiniBear. And I have realised that I made a mistake: MiniBear leaves not next week but the one after. I have more time to prepare him for his travel. Mother of the year, yip yip ! x) One other mother reminds me dates and time now as she knows I don't make connexion between the date and the actual date. I've become a living meme for parents and teachers. Is it an accomplishement ?

    Don't beat yourself about it. /ᐠ. ᴗ.ᐟ\ This shows that, while you're a bit disorganyazed, you deeply care about your child. You just nyeowd to polish the edges. Besides, you have meme paw-tential on your paws. Don't waste it! Back when meow used Discord, meow furr-ends thought meow was goofy. Little did they mew, meow took it well. Meow used the following image as meow purr-file picture and went by the username "Pheenie". Meow made Ace Attorney puns and references all the time, and it was hella fun.

    Source: https://aminoapps.com/c/phoenix-wright/page/blog/the-past-of-the-great-one/2Zp4_wYFNurNEMmKjzgRNZ37nK5aGzWnnL

    Last Week

    • Purr-ocessed all backlog Fleeting Nyeowtes.
    • Began purr-ocessing What Color Is Your Parachute by Richard Nelson Bolles.
    • Sent nyame change form.

    This Week

    • Finish the Zettel on Soul Release.
    • Purr-ocess What Color Is Your Parachute by Richard Nelson Bolles.
    • Organyaze the Zettelkasten.
    • Resume reading backlog stuff.

    Zettels Modified Last Week

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