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Starting with Obsidian, looking for help.

Hi everyone, I am settling with obsidian because I can add mathematical equations to my zettels. I work with R and do statistics, so it is a requirement for me.

Anyway, I am familiar with the zettelkasten method and have read the "Getting Started" section. However, how do you implement it in obsidian? Can anyone share a blog post or something? I also use the system for academic and research purposes.



  • What do you exactly nyeowd help with? That post already lays out how a Zettelkasten implementation could more or less be like. I'll give you a potential setup to jog your meowmory:


    Filenyame is [Unique identifier] [Title][File extension]. E.g., 202205030745 Banana bread.md. File type is .md, but .txt may work too. The "header" could be like this or this. Below the header, you'd have the content. And below that, you could have references, if you want to. You can skip this one if you keep backups of your reference manager in a .bib file or the like, and use citekeys as in-text citations.

    Nyeowte Retrieval

    Use the Search and the Quick Switcher plugins to carry the searches. The former would do meowst of the search, while the latter is handy if you have a unique identifier in your clipboard.

    Working With Multiple Nyeowtes

    With Obsidian? Ha! It sucks. Unless you use a shady third-party plugin, you're gonna have a bad time. I'd recommend using a program that uses tabs alongside Obsidian, such as Gedit.

    Nyeowte Creation

    Assuming that you take the advice from the point above, you're going to be using the Create new note command for this. I suggest binding a hotkey to it. Go into Settings > Hotkeys, search for "Create new note" in the search box, and enter a hotkey for the command.

    Nyeowte Connection

    Put together a symbol and a unique identifier for links, and that's it. E.g., [[202205030800]] or &&202205030801. With a convention like this, following links boils down to copying the unique identifier, then pasting it in the Search or Quick Switcher. If you use the Search, make sure to enter file:[Unique identifier]. E.g., file:202205030810. Be careful with your choice of symbol. It should allow you to search for the unique identifier plus the symbol, and get the Zettels that are linked to the Zettel of that unique identifier. E.g., searching for [[202205030800]] should only return Zettels that link to 202205030800.

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    Hi @Jvet :-)

    Have a look here:
    maybe you can find something useful.

    Have a nice day!

  • I have recently been dabbling with Obsidian. There are plenty of YouTube videos that might prove useful. Personally, I haven't found it useful to include an ID number in the filename in Obsidian. I have been using the Advanced URI plug-in instead. Part of the reason for this is that it works with a Mac utility called "Hook", and allows me to use links to a note in Obsidian from other applications. Apart from that I haven't been doing anything unusual. The best thing to do is to try it out and see what works for you. Each of us has different needs and different tastes.

  • My frustration with Obsidian, being quite new to it, is the fact that there isn't really a good written reference for it (that I know of). Yes, there are tons of Youtube videos, but I find almost all of them frustrating or generally of little value. It is hard to find the specific info I want, and will end up watching 20 minutes of content in order to extract the 10 seconds worth of what I was looking for. I suppose this is not Obsidian specific - I just don't like video as a way to find information.

  • @Bluewinged it does seem funny that note taking software would not have superior documentation but such is the case all around. Obsidian is not the only offender.

    There is a very active Discord group dedicated to Obsidian with 7369 users currently online (3:30 PM) and hundreds of messages posted each day. Experts are available to answer any question. Documentation galore! And Obsidian has a busy forum with the developers and so many others in so many categories of conversation.

    Check out Obsidian's Community Page.

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