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How to remove multiple Zettels

edited April 2022 in Software & Gadgets

I'm reorganizing my Zettelkasten. Part of that involves combining multiple sub-atomic Zettels into a single Zettel. The thing is, removing the old Zettels manually can be time-consuming, specially if they're many.

In my case, performing one or multiple searches will turn up all of the Zettels. Also, in some cases, the Zettels' unique identifiers are listed in a different Zettel. Perhaps there's a way to remove the Zettels given a list of unique identifiers. And in fact, there is. That's the solution that user Raffa over at Askubuntu proposed: https://askubuntu.com/a/1401828/1555551

I didn't consider Obsidian, my Zettelkasten software, because there's no feature to help with this and I don't trust third-party plugins.

Hopefully this knowledge is of use to someone.


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