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Share your ZK plans for 10 APR - 16 Apr? What were your successes from last week?

A writer can externalize thoughts via writing, review them and edit pieces that don't work. Write in a way that comprehends and explores relationships. Writing is the technology of thinking.

Please share what you have been working on or will be working on soon. Please share what you wish you'd be working on. Use this as a public accountably tool, as a way to start a conversation, and to socialize your understanding.


2022 Week 15

Last Week

  1. Spent time developing programming chops.
  2. Not much success picking up my reading pace in Effective Notetaking.
  3. Created a new blogging workflow.
  4. Started boxing training.

This Week

  1. This week, I'll meet with the New York Times writer Carl Zimmer as part of JAMM328.
  2. I'll be refining a shell script for inserting part of a note's file name as a title as the note's header.
  3. Expanding on and refactoring zettel stemming from my ideas about thinking in built environments.
  4. I will be reading some Rumi poetry that likely will stimulate ideas.
  5. I'm currently reading: Effective Notetaking by Fiona McPherson and One Long River of Song by Brian Doyle


These are the titles of the last few notes I've created and am excited about. Show me yours! We are interested in seeing what you are up to, even if you have one or two newish zettel to share!

- Architectural Traits Effect on Thinking [20220409]
        - How does the built environment affect cognition?
- Built environments shaped by human evolution [20220409]
- Sascha's Helpful Critique [20220409]
        - Critique of "Thinking in Built Spaces 202203181638"
- The Restorative Nature of Windows [20220409]
- High-ceilings Connection to Abstract Thought [20220409]
- F-strings formatting power [20220408]
- Insert-Title Shell Script [20220408]
- Tipton Mining Data [20220407]

Will Simpson
I must keep doing my best even though I'm a failure. My peak cognition is behind me. One day soon I will read my last book, write my last note, eat my last meal, and kiss my sweetie for the last time.


  • There it is ! Already one week since I joined you all and it was a good and prolific one, you were very inspiring.

    2022 week 15 (from 4/04 to 10/04)

    Last Week :

    1. Thanks to the forum, I have new ideas to implement journaling into my Zettelkasten. I will try to tie my "Project Notes" with "river" of subject, like "What works with my son Mini-Bear" (spoiler : not a lot of things) "How can I improve my writing" and "Learning to focus" and try to see an evolution.
    2. Thanks to @Sascha I try a new workflow for my novel Encyclopedia and put everything in my slipbox.
    3. I have set up the very end of my fifth novel and my serie and I am very excited.
    4. I have new ideas for the next novels, things begins to draw themselves from nebula to architecture.
    5. Back to music : family bloodline does its job now and Mini Bear asks for learning music as well. Looking for an electronic piano, and installing a karaoke app to sing with him. Of course, he wants to play guitare like Mark Knopfler. Let's begin by the basics, son.
    6. Looking for programming courses. Easy ones. To grasp some elemental pieces to understand first.
    7. Made a new curation post on my blog.
    8. Making studies about Athena Parthenos.

    This week :

    1. Sing with MiniBear. Probably ending by learning Japanese by accident : MiniBear loves the song "Tonari no Totoro" A LOT and asks for every songs of the film.
    2. Objectif : Run my first Python piece of code thanks to : automate boring stuff thanks to Python and compulse this book into my Zettelkästen (new departement coming soon).
    3. Make at least three new mythological entries.
    4. If I can, compulse my Neil Gaiman novel review.
    5. Ending FINALY my old notes from my encyclopedia to the new Zettelkasten system. Refresh informations.
    6. To end the 3rd acte of my novel
    7. Find an electronic piano to mobilize family for MiniBear's birthday.
    8. Adding a new curation article into my Zettelkästen and make a new post.

    New zettels :

    • [2.0.220405.064306] - Interest of a long chronological note
    • [5.0.Expérimentations = liberté] (Experimentation = freedom)
    • [220408.081034] - Why I will answer no to this editor.
    • [220410.183918] - What is a computing program ?
    • [220410.184426] - What is the definition of a good software  ?
    • [2.0.Types de notes] - What kind of notes I take
    • [4.1.Roman.Aux prises des ombres] - the next novel ideas note
    • [A.Donglu Yu] - A really cool artist  !
    • [Art.Athéna Parthenos.Reproductions] - the artistic version of a lost statue.
    • [C.Tonari no Totoro] : japanese and phonetic version
    • [MiniBear - What works with him] - of course I wrote his true name in my Zettelkästen
    • [Lex.Sounds of water] : lexicon about the sounds of water
    • [Manifest] - My decisions about my Zettelkästen
  • Last Week

    • Figured out how to change my legal name
    • Made it all the way to the last section of the chapter on Niklas Luhmann's Zettelkasten from Forgetting Machines: Knowledge Management Evolution in Early Modern Europe edited by Alberto Cevolini
    • Began processing my reading notes on Hacking Transition: Surviving on Mascara and Hope by Zoë Blade.
    • Took a bit of a tangent to read a research paper cited in What Color Is Your Parachute by Richard Nelson Bolles

    This Week

    • Prepare the stuff necessary for the legal name change
    • Organize my Zettelkasten by bringing Structure Notes and altering existing Zettels
    • Finish processing the reading notes on transition
    • Finish making highlights on the research paper
    • Finish reading the chapter on Niklas


    • 202204080954 Keep realistic expectations
  • Last Week

    • Work-work and support emails,
    • and blog post editing and some light organization. Nothing fancy though.

    This Week

    • Maybe will be done with work-work before Thursday.
    • Finally some writing preparation this week?!?!? I couldn't make time for a month now.
    • Release an update for my Move! app, a work break timer, to test the new update infrastructure. Starting with the "lower-tier" apps of mine to test the waters before eventually adding this to The Archive, too.
    • Easter!


    10 new notes:

    • 202204090938 Menu bar app screenshot for the Mac App Store
    • 202204090931 Cloudflare SSH subdomain forwarding using DynDNS
    • 202204082022 Emacs shell-mode uses its own profile autoload files
    • 202204080940 Introspection reveals our ignorance, not our brilliance
    • 202204080935 Store app secrets in encrypted .env files

    On the 7th, I spent the evening making my home server/NAS available to the Internet without punching huge holes in the local firewall.

    • 202204071618 Replace Nextcloud macOS app server URL
    • 202204071457 Connect Unraid to Cloudflare DNS via tunnel
    • 202204071010 autossh to keep alive a SSH tunnel
    • 202204071006 Use non-standard SSH ports to debug connections
    • 202204071002 Watch CLI output periodically for port changes

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